Introducing YOUTH FW21. A unisex minimalistic wardrobe staple brand based in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by the designer’s daily life, the new collection is full of YOUTH classic silhouettes that are loved in every season. With the elevation in fabrics and silhouettes, YOUTH introduces pieces that are all-season, suitable for different occasions, and for all genders. Using high quality and environment-friendly material, YOUTH is creating garments that will last in age and style. The design language is all about quality with detail, fine fabrics and timeless style.


Vans Anaheim Factory pack, a collection of a classic silhouette that draws inspiration from the original footwear produced in Anaheim, California. Every design element within the Anaheim Factory pack could be dated back to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Style numbers are used to signify the original design mold of three footwear models


The theme of Merely Made's newest collection is "TODAY IS THE NEW TOMORROW”. Inspired by the uncertainty of the world we currently live in, and the feeling of facing an ambiguous future. The brand decided to create the contrast of bright and dark to represent the ups and downs that we can encounter in our lives. Continuing with the brand signature oversized silhouette with the fine quality fabric of choice.


For FW21, Gramicci continues to add stylish edges to practical and functional outdoor and climbing wear. This season sees Gramicci fleshing out its accessible core. Lineup with new shapes and old favourites alike. Extending the loose fit in the classic shapes for a more casual and streetwear look. The colour is palette is versatile like usual, without being too loud. It is always easy to pair Gramicci
with your everyday garments.


KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is a hat brand which filters the atmosphere of the current times through an original perspective and sense of balance, with "design which lives through styling" as a concept.  In 1995 he established his atelier in Daikanyama Tokyo, opening a brand store in 1999. In his atelier, expert craftsmen make all products by hand, with the utmost care for each individual detail. 


Born from the concept of clothes that create sentimental value, FDMTL is a world-class, Japanese-made, indigo-based brand. FDMTL offers uncompromising well crafted products with details that cannot be replicated through means of mass production. The details are inherent within each piece, adding personality through each time of wear. 


PAES was created with the goal of making products of good quality with a modern unique style. PAES has the mathematical meaning and connotation of the symbol “parentheses”, which stands for independent, fill, separate. It relieves the burden on the feet while walking with the ergonomic arch design.


The optical eyewear company named after beat junkies and aural exciters, aka EFFECTOR is an original Japanese brand established in 2005 by “OPTICAL TAILOR CRADLE”, an eyewear select shop. Based on the concept “Rock On The Eyewear”, the solid, sturdy and masculine forms is what makes EFFECTOR distinctive.


Studio Nicholson is a UK based brand founded in 2010 by designer Nick Wakeman. The brand creates minimal, modern yet playfulness pieces using functional premium fabrics crafted in Europe and Japan. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, architecture and interiors, Studio Nicholson carefully engineered every piece to provide structure and elegance that form the basis of the ultimate modular wardrobe.


The Seoul label AJOBYAJO 2021F/W collection was completed with the slogan "I do not sell my future". AJOBYAJO hopes to find hope in the anger and resistance of youth. With new additions to the signature models and new styles that are introduced for the first time. Pre-order is now open.

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