CAYL, stands for "Climb As You Love", is oriented toward climbing, trail running, hiking cultures. A Korean outdoor brand that was established in 2011. Ultimately, CAYL supports the Korean local outdoor culture to be rising. It's not only 'climb the rocks', but 'climb our LIFE'. Breaking the boundaries between mountains and cities. 


Since 1896 Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo established "conceria Guidi Rosellini" in Pescia, Tuscany. Here, the art of leather tanning can be traced back to the middle age, where a guild of tanners and shoemakers existed since the XIV century. Passion for leather and respect for its tradition is the core of Guidi's shoe collection project. Shoes for all of those who really want something unique with a twist of tradition; shoes that only a craftsman would be able to make.


Designer Toshiharu Kaneko started CAL O LINE back in 2015 in Japan. The brand reflects his own experiences, lifestyle and the love for vintage. He was inspired by the culture of the golden age of the United States and the counterculture. CAL O LINE intended to rebuild various fashion elements with a unique interpretation of culture confliction. Work military, outdoor, and uniform are the base of the fashion elements.


Studio Nicholson is a UK based brand founded in 2010 by designer Nick Wakeman. The brand creates minimal, modern yet playfulness pieces using functional premium fabrics crafted in Europe and Japan. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, architecture and interiors, Studio Nicholson carefully engineered every piece to provide structure and elegance that form the basis of the ultimate modular wardrobe.


A Tokyo-based brand founded by Nicolas Yuthanan Chalmeau is here to challenge the traditional silhouettes and develop recognisable wardrobe comfort classics that will be the refresher for your essentials.
The individuality of the brand is inspired by music, culture diversity, and the need of different body types. Sillage is a believer on no size is the best size, it is developed for every shape of body and all gender. Exaggerated volume, characteristics design, and understated palettes.

NOMA t.d.

The "NOMA t.d." collection is designed by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki. In 2005 Noguchi and Sasaki established their collaborative label "NOMA t.d." combining their talents, experiences, and knowledge of design. They produce their own textiles by handcrafting unique graphics used in the creation of their garments. With the combination of art and fashion, NOMA t.d. continues to evolve, with attention to detail and a free interpretive style. "free interpretation creates a new style.


Structure, details and the power of simplicity. Le17Septembre, a Korean minimalistic label with a desire to produce the highest quality garments that is suitable for every occasion. Based out of Seoul, Le17Septembre aims to make the highest quality garments, that will withstand the test of time. The design is soft and understated and can be worn by all ages and body types. Inspired by her surroundings, including people on the streets, each piece is made to endure an everyday lifestyle.


The brand “DANTON” began when Mr Gabriel DANTON bought shares of the company named “Manufacture Textile du Centere (M.T.C)”. A blend of Japanese design and the practicality of French workwear. Due to DANTON’s recent success in Japan, DANTON has reshaped and redesigned the garments whilst keeping the soul of French workwear.


Relish in style outdoors with FDMTL’s latest collaborations with Helinox, Heimplanet, NANGA and Outdoor Products. Newest arrivals featuring a huge line-up of camp chairs, tables, sleeping bags as well as a tent, suiting all your camping needs. Following their classic style of boro stitching, patch-work and tie-dye, FDMTL once again doesn’t disappoint when making a playful staple garments. 


BEAMS BOY first hit the scene back in 1998 as a brand tailored for women who admire the strength and historically rich designs of men’s clothing. We know what it is like to continuously search through men’s wear and second-hand shops for just the right fit; to snip, tuck, and sew men’s items so that they work for you. That’s why we’ve come up with this tomboy based collection centred around military, traditional, work, sports, outdoor, and native styles of men’s clothing arranged in women’s sizes with that original BEAMS BOY touch. 

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