The limited edition, “Identity” bespoke tapestry. 54 x 72 inches, made from woven cotton.



Established in and based in Taiwan, GOOPiMADE is driven by thoughtful design, where each detail to a garment serves a purpose. GOOPiMADE is all about the rugged craft, contemporary textiles and immense silhouettes. Historically, GOOPiMADE is known for sporting the oversized outdoors look, an abundance of huge jackets, shirts, and cargo pants usually accompanied by some sort of sling bag or bucket hat.


Since 1983, Goodwear has been producing high-quality, Made in USA basics that are tough as nails, beautiful, and planet-friendly. Goodwear remained true to its roots, producing comfortable classics with timeless style. Always made in the USA from US-grown cotton, Goodwear has developed a cult following around the world for its superb quality and lasting durability. Wear it in, not out.


The Tokyo-based brand Sillage founded by Nicolas Yuthanan Chalmeau is here to challenge the traditional silhouettes and develop recognizable wardrobe comfort classics that will be the refresher for your essentials. The individuality of the brand is inspired by music, cultural diversity, and the need for different body types. Sillage is a believer on no size is the best size, it is developed for every shape of the body and all gender. Exaggerated volume, characteristics design, and understated palettes.


UNAFFECTED established in Seoul, South Korea, introduces the notions to streetwear fashion where the embodiment of ‘wearing what we want’ is far from being restricted to something specific. It focuses on casual wear that is suitable for life’s complicated measures, with efficient clothes that we look for in any situation. UNAFFECTED is mainly driven by their motto which is ‘Greater simplicity, but with some fun’ whilst merging balanced designs simultaneously.


A fusion of clothing that can be worn in the outdoors or even in the streets, CMF or Comfy Outdoor Garments, is the pioneer of functional outdoor wear. Envisioned through the lens of Makato from the Lost Hills Store in Harajuku, CMF strides on their idea of outdoor brand with some humour, which can be showcased with their unusual and innovative cuts of traditional pieces. Practicality, functionality and individuality, CMF is a must have in any wardrobe.


Handmade, Indigo and Sense of warmth have been important characteristics since we launched BLUE BLUE JAPAN. We strive to make comfortable clothing and other life-oriented items to be loved for a long time of one’s life. As indicated by the name “BLUE BLUE JAPAN”, we stick to made-in-Japan production by incorporating Japanese traditional techniques and methods like Pure Indigo dyeing and other natural dyeing.


Founded in 2016, Amomento is an RTW project based in Seoul. We focused on the essence of the object and the meaning of essential value. Not just focusing on clothes as a fashion but the person who wears the clothing. Because the clothes are completed when it is worn for someone. An understated, effortlessly gorgeous, timeless classic is our major philosophy and it was projected into all of the pieces.


moif is a brand focused on the meaning of functional and uniform. A 'functional everyday wear' concept for an orderly life. We considered things that would increase satisfaction through easy accessibility and visual tactile details. It makes everyday life more concise but powerful at the same time.


BEAMS Japan, being a pioneer of lifestyle retailing, was established in 1976 in Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan. Founded by Etsuzo Shitara with Osamu Shigematsu, their aim is to become a culture shop that creates culture through the products it sells. Simultaneously, providing value that exceeds material satisfaction through sharing the context, which may include details on the time and background of the products origin.


In 2013, the brand "coeur" changed its name to "KIJIMA TAKAYUKI," the name of the designer behind it, and started with the expansion of its men's and women's lines. KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is a hat brand which filters the atmosphere of the current times through an original perspective and sense of balance, with "design which lives through styling" as a concept.

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