First launched in 2007, the story of BasShu began with the encounter with the BasShu-woven chambray shirt. Since then BasShu has expanded its ventures into lifestyle products such as quilt rugs, blankets and more. Deep colour, natural and soft texture. the richness increases every time you wash it. "Origin” is “quality". BasShu weaving can be only be created by Nishiwaki abundant soft water and the skill of experienced craftsmen.


A fusion of clothing that can be worn in the outdoors or even in the streets, CMF or Comfy Outdoor Garment, is the pioneer of functional outdoor wear. Envisioned through the lens of Makato from the Lost Hills Store in Harajuku, CMF strides on their idea of the outdoor brand with some humor, which can be showcased with their unusual and innovative cuts of traditional pieces. With practicality, functionality and individuality, CMF is a must have in any wardrobe.


Mfpen is a Danish clothing brand founded by creative director and designer Sigurd Bank. With the intention to reinterpret menswear, Mfpen is known for their individual designs, fabrics and fits, and their eco-conscious approach through their limited runs. Sigurd’s exploration and understanding of fabrics is displayed through having a great eye for detail, and caring about the production of a garment.


Here is a fine line between minimalism and naturalism, Merely Made finds the right balance and juggles between quality, originality, and modernity. Created in 2018 by Hong Loco in Seoul, Merely Made's main goal is to make people look great effortlessly. Through the simpleness and the modern silhouettes of its clothes, the brand tries to reach the full spectrum of people and explore every aspect of morphology.


A unisex Japanese brand, YokoSakamoto, was launched with the A/W 2016 season. The designer emphasizes bringing the nature of the material to life in her clothing. She values actual wearing comfort while focussing on craftsmanship and manual procedures for designs, which result in her distinctive and unique style. Her aim is to develop clothing one would always want to wear.


Snow Peak believes that time outdoors with others restores the human spirit. For more than 60 years, we have cultivated restorative experiences in nature. Our products are minimalist, functional, and built to last. Under the policy that "we are also users", Snow Peak creates truly innovative equipment and hosts annual Snow Peak Way camping events at our headquarters where both users and staff can meet and talk with each other, fostering a close-knit community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and fans all over the world.

NOMA t.d.

The "NOMA t.d." collection is designed by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki. In 2005 Noguchi and Sasaki established their collaborative label "NOMA t.d." combining their talents, experiences, and knowledge of design. They produce their own textiles by handcrafting unique graphics used in the creation of their garments. With the combination of art and fashion, NOMA t.d. continues to evolve, with attention to detail and a free interpretive style. "free interpretation creates a new style.


BEAMS BOY first hit the scene back in 1998 as a brand tailored for women who admire the strength and historically rich designs of men’s clothing. We know what it is like to continuously search through men’s wear and second-hand shops for just the right fit; to snip, tuck, and sew men’s items so that they work for you. That’s why we’ve come up with this tomboy based collection centred around military, traditional, work, sports, outdoor, and native styles of men’s clothing arranged in women’s sizes with that original BEAMS BOY touch. 


Established in 1892, Asahi Shoes is a Japanese brand that manufactures shoes of high comfort in beautiful timeless shapes. Taken inspiration from American culture in the 1970s and pursued the original silhouette of the deck shoes. Adopting a high detailed handcrafted process, to make sure every pair of Asahi Shoes is qualified to the standard of "Made in Japan".


Suncore, as it suggests, is the center of the sun (core). The sun illuminates the world and all living things, including humans. The center of the sun, nucleus is the driving force that keeps generating the sunlight. For us humans, both feet deliver energy when they are active. We thought that the shoes which support our feet can be the core driving force for energy The people who get those feelings, the certain amount of hea

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