HATCHINGROOM embodies the concept of a space where new ideas and styles are born. It reinterprets existing clothing in a thoughtful manner, focusing on enhancing the wearer's experience rather than making radical changes. The designs showcase meticulous attention to detail and an elegant, flowing silhouette.


Structure, details and the power of simplicity. Welcome Le17Septembre, a Korean minimalistic label with a desire to produce the highest quality garments that is suitable for every occasion. After years of style blogging, self-taught designer Eunhye Shin established Le17Septembre out of an interest in making pieces for herself to showcase on her blog. Based out of Seoul, Le17Septembre aims to make the highest quality garments, that will withstand the test of time.


Nestled in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, AJOBYAJO emerges as a unique brand that embodies a captivating blend of kitsch and graceful grunge, drawing inspiration from the sentiments of outsiders and sub-culture influences. The brand skillfully weaves together sporty and street-style elements, presenting a distinctive narrative that reflects the sentiments of the minority. AJOBYAJO stands as a creative expression, inviting individuals to embrace a fashion journey that resonates with unconventional style and a rebellious spirit.


Founded in 2016, Amomento is an RTW project based in Seoul. We focused on the essence of the object and the meaning of essential value. Not just focusing on clothes as a fashion but the person who wears the clothing. Because the clothes are completed when it is worn for someone. An understated, effortlessly gorgeous, timeless classic is our major philosophy and it was projected into all of the pieces.


999Humanity is a dynamic journey, akin to small dots converging towards an emerging destination. We encounter and embrace myriad connections as we move forward, forming bonds like solid lines. Rather than fixating on a single, unchanging trajectory, we adopt a broad perspective, exploring diverse angles. This ethos guides the evolution of our garments, where we prioritize comfort through meticulously crafted patterns and superior quality.


BEAMS BOY first hit the scene back in 1998 as a brand tailored for women who admire the strength and historically rich designs of men’s clothing. We know what it is like to continuously search through men’s wear and second-hand shops for just the right fit; to snip, tuck, and sew men’s items so that they work for you. That’s why we’ve come up with this tomboy based collection centred around military, traditional, work, sports, outdoor, and native styles of men’s clothing arranged in women’s sizes with that original BEAMS BOY touch. 


Here is a fine line between minimalism and naturalism, Merely Made finds the right balance and juggles between quality, originality, and modernity. Created in 2018 by Hong Loco in Seoul, Merely Made's main goal is to make people look great effortlessly. Through the simpleness and the modern silhouettes of its clothes, the brand tries to reach the full spectrum of people and explore every aspect of morphology.


KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is a hat brand which filters the atmosphere of the current times through an original perspective and sense of balance, with "design which lives through styling" as a concept. In 1995 he established his atelier in Daikanyama Tokyo, opening a brand store in 1999. In his atelier, expert craftsmen make all products by hand, with the utmost care for each individual detail. There, hats are made with unique techniques, in order to achieve a soft and easy-to-wear product which cannot be obtained with mass-production.


The Light Sculptures are Isamu Noguchi's modernist take on Japanese paper lanterns, a design endeavor that began in 1951 during his stay in Gifu, Japan. Inspired by the lanterns traditionally used by local fishermen along the Nagara River for night fishing. These Akari lights are meticulously handcrafted from bamboo ribbing and translucent washi paper, derived from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. Noguchi likened their luminosity to sunlight diffused through traditional shōji paper doors, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. As Noguchi eloquently put it, "To establish a home, all that you require is a room, a tatami, and Akari."