Q: Is your product authentic?
A: 100% authentic. We are directly connected with brands and authorised distribute agents. 

Q: Does MAILLOT have a physical store?
A: Yes. Come visit us at 17 Valentine Street, Haymarket. 

Q: Where is MAILLOT based?
A: We are based in Sydney, Australia. 

Q: How to pronounce MAILLOT? 
A: It pronounce as MAIL-LOT. This is a French word that means "shirt", but we pronounce in the English way. 

Q: Do you ship internationally? 
A: Yes, we do. Please click here to check out our shipping policy.  

Q: Why the currency I picked priced differently from cart to check out?
A: According to Shopify, your prices are converted by multiplying the store price by the currency conversion rate, adding the conversion fee, and then applying the rounding rules for that currency if applicable. Your converted prices include your currency conversion costs. For example, when a $10.00 USD product is converted to Euros, the converted price of €8.90 includes the currency conversion rate and conversion fee:
(Product price x currency conversion rate) x (1 + currency conversion fee)
($10.00 USD x 0.867519) x (1 + .015) = €8.81
If you have rounding rules enabled, then the total is rounded up to €8.95.

For more information please click this link

Q: Do you do exchange, return or refund?
A: Yes, please find Exchange & Return Policy

Q: How long does an order take to process? 
A: It generally take 1-3 business days to process your order and we will send you a notification email as soon as it is despatched. However, if your item is out of stock in our Sydney warehouse, it will take approximately 5-10 business days to process. We will send you a notification beforehand if we need to transfer stock. 

Q: Why is my discount code not working? 
A: Depends on the situations. If you are checking out on-sale items or you have one or more on-sale items in your cart, discount cannot be combined. If the items you added were not on-sale, please contact our customer service via live chat or online contact form. We will make sure you can enjoy the right discount. 

Q: Why is my subscription discount code not working? 
A: Please check your email for the correct code and apply at checkout. If you have any issues, please contact customer service via live chat or online contact form. The code is for online purchases only.

If you have any other questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us!