Concluding the TOKYO series, a pinnacle of Asian fashion, GOOPiMADE collaborates with (A)crypsis, igniting innovation through their partnership. This synergy births two singular products that epitomize the entire collection. This final chapter of the prologue, spanning the third season, adapts to spring and summer with fabric adjustments and intricate detailing. The expansive version maintains refined tailoring and a substantial feel, featuring a curved hem with side slits for outerwear suitability. A concealed back zipper system allows customizable fit, while the {DUET[G(A)]} co-branded pattern adds dimension. The chest pocket, with a horizontal zipper and four independent blocks, combines functionality and safety. An asymmetrical G-shaped extension on the neckline introduces a trendy Logo style Available in three colours.

Product info 

1: Total length 78cm/ Chest 65.5cm /Shoulder 72.5cm
2: Total length 81cm/ Chest 68cm /Shoulder 74cm
3: Total length 83.5cm/ Chest 70.5cm /Shoulder 75.5cm


67% Tencel ™; 29% Polyester(recycle); 4% Spandex ®