Founded in 2019, 108 Warehouse started as an online store with a focus on second hand garments from stalwart Japanese brands such as Comme des Garcons, Porter Yoshida and Nepenthes. Their Marrickville store opened in 2021 and is a reflection of their ever changing tastes and influences, championing a DIY aesthetic and providing a space for those in their community to meet. In  store they offer a wide assortment of curated goods including homewares, publications, select local and international labels, locally roasted coffee through their project 108 coffee stand as well as their ever expanding in-house brand.

From their inception, community building has been a major aspect of the store, as shown through collaborations and events, as well as a strong overall mentality of accessibility and approachability. By putting an emphasis on demystifying often confusing niches, such as specialty coffee and lesser known brands, they hope to educate their community and welcome everyone in.

We styled the founders of 108Warehouse in Nine Tailor, CAYL, and Snow Peak. The new collections are now available online and in-store. 

View the full cookbook on our website. Photography by @justinnacua.