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Brisbane based cap maker, Troy O’Shea joins the latest chapter of our collaboration project “In Motion”, this time around we share O’Shea’s enthusiasm for the style and uniqueness of Caps.

O’Shea first embarked on his cap making journey in 2015 after purchasing a handmade cycling cap whilst travelling to the United States with his wife, unfortunately for him, the cap was too big and it was at that moment O’Shea took up a couple of sewing classes and bought his first machine.

Inspired by the manufacturing of the early to mid 1900’s, O’Shea has upheld the standard of the high level of skill involved in operating the machinery that was used to make articles of clothing including caps. Wanting to recreate this, O’Shea dedicated to sourced machinery that was periodically correct and is the backbone of his business.  From the progression of cycling and workwear style caps, O’Shea’s style evolved naturally to creating Ball caps, showcasing to his sons that their dad is following his passion which is a life lesson that he hopes to pass on. 


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