As we continue our collaboration series “In Motion”, we would like to introduce our next collaborator — Vincent Ruocco.

Vincent Ruocco is a stonemason, artist, traveller, and all-round creative, based in Sydney. Originally from Brighton, England with Filipino and Italian heritage. Having studied architecture and visual arts alongside working in construction, stonemasonry was a natural occurrence.

Ruocco states “Stonemasonry is a very primitive craft and gives me the freedom to work outdoors and with my hands. Working with such material which retains its age, weight, permanence, and its tactile nature are qualities I love about stone. It allows me to be systematic in my approach and as an artist this level of consideration, construct, playfulness, and detail gives me great joy.”

“My ultimate vision is to have a calm environment I have designed and built which is focused on a combination of light & dark and materiality - how these aspects marry and the emotions they evoke. A space that connects the outdoors in and a celebration of paintings, sculptures, craftsmanship and innovation.”