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An embodiment through the shared passion of running across 3 run clubs, AM:PM.RC, Kings Cross Track Club and Grave Runners. We introduce @subspace for our latest chapter of “In-Motion”.

Subspace is, at its core, a community-based run club, transcending the norms of traditional running culture and embracing a broader spectrum of experiences.

With community as a sole focus, Subspace host events tailored towards the runners, non-runners and the run-curious through installations of mediums from look, feel, sounds and touch transcending what a traditional run culture embodies.

“Running is universal, it is a medium that can transcend language, time, and space. It’s a vehicle to express oneself and a community.”

Check out our latest instalment of “In-Motion”, with @subspace via our website.


  • How did the concept of merging running, art, lifestyle, hospitality, education, and humanity shape the creation of Subspace?

At our core, AM:PM.RC, Kings Cross Track Club, and Grave Runners, have very similar crew values, which go beyond the pavement. Subspace is an embodiment of everything we are passionate about. This is who we are, what we enjoy doing, so it was really organic. We wanted to celebrate our differences from the traditional running world. Hence, Subspace was created. 

  • Can you shed light on some of the artistic and creative elements in your events that add to the overall experience, highlighting the fusion of running and art within your collective?

Our events were designed to stimulate the senses and invite connection to each other and the present moment. Whether that was how you were greeted as you boarded the exhibition, or the smells and sounds that nostalgically ignited memories when travelling, everything had purpose. We believe all runners are artists, everything has meaning, we wanted to foster that connection between running and art to allow our collective to feel seen and express their uniqueness. 

  • How do you tailor events to engage runners, non-runners, and the run-curious, ensuring a diverse and inclusive appeal?

Running is universal, it is a medium that can transcend language, time, and space. It’s a vehicle to express oneself and a community. This is why we emphasise the connection aspects of these experiences. If you come to subspace for the art or food, this could be an introduction to running. We want to create a pathway for people to find new parts of themselves, they didn’t know they needed or wanted. 

  • Community is obviously a large focus for Subspace. How do you guys foster that sense of community and diversity among participants during events?

Leaning into curiosity.  We feel that embracing our similarities and differences is a key attribute within our community. What can we learn from each other, and what can we teach. If you lean in from a place of openness, you are bound to grow, or help someone else grow as well. 

  • What main message or impression do you hope participants will carry with them after experiencing a Subspace event?
That boundaries are a point of connection and are there to be explored. We wanted attendees to feel a sense of wonder and intrigue when leaving an event. A seed for future growth or self-discovery. 


View the full look-book below.

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