Located in the outskirts of Marrickville, we visit @kurumaccafe for our collaboration project “In Motion”.

Kurumac first opened in September of 2019 with the idea to present Japanese breakfast and lunch in a comfortable space beyond what Sydney has been exposed to.

Kūrumac, translating to “Cool Mac” in Japanese, serves a well-thought innovative menu combining the East and West, is also the sibling cafe of Cool Mac located in the inner parts of Kirribilli.

Being well received by Marrickville locals as well as appreciation from beyond, it remains and continues to bring Japanese comfort food without a compromise.

If you’re a Sydney native or travelling you can not go by without visiting Kurumac for their Spicy Cod Roe Melt, a thick a Shokupan toast, spread with Spicy Cod Roe with a nice surprise of Tasty Cheese.

Find Kūrumac at 107 Addison Road Marrickville to visit this Sydney staple.

View the full look-book on our website, these moments were captured by @kase.avila .