Turning to a new page with our collaboration project, “In-Motion”, we collaborate with Sydney based Artist, Chris Yee, @yeetheeast, to create this beautifully made Tapestry.

With a foundation built upon working with Illustrator, design and animation specialised in traditional “pen and paper” methodologies. Yee gathers his inspirations from Comics, Wrestling, K-pop, punk and 2000’s rap. Yee believes in the power of character and is drawn to fabricating a narrative within his work.

For this special collaboration, “Identity”, Yee draws inspiration from the cultural background of MAILLOT. Encapsulating the power of uniqueness, and the expression of culture formed in the art of Tapestry.

Pictured wearing garments from MAILLOT, Chris wears the Andersen-Andersen Skipper  Jacket, Unaffected Daddy Shirt, Sillage Hakama Pants and Paraboots.

Pictured wearing garments from MAILLOT, Chris wears an ensemble of Andersen-Andersen Short Beanie, Studio Nicholson Waters Shirt, Mfpen Sports Cardigan, Sage Nation Box Pleat Pants and Subu Dots.

View the full lookbook below, photography captured by @deanquilinli.

"Identity" now available online and in-store. Click here to purchase. Limited edition.