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Using the dobby loom, which is a traditional loom that was originally used for kimono obi, the ground pattern is expressed by the ups and downs of threads, and a unique oriental pattern is finished. In addition, the vertical and horizontal threads are made of cotton twin threads to give them a bulge, and the back surface is lightly brushed to make the texture soft and light. It is a China jacket that can be worn lightly using a unique co-fabric China button to match the oriental fabric.

Product info 
M: Total length 73cm/ Chest 58cm/ Shoulder 54cm/ Sleeves 57cm 
L: Total length 76cm/ Chest 62cm/ Shoulder 56cm/ Sleeves 59cm

XL: Total length 80cm/ Chest 66cm/ Shoulder 58cm/ Sleeves 63cm


100% Cotton

Care Tips

Cold wash only, air dry.