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Saby x Dickies 2021 collaboration. Based on Saby's classic model TUCK BAGGY, a thick belt loop, which is also a Dickies icon, is placed and the hem is changed to a special specification with three windings instead of cutting off. The silhouette has the same deep tack as before, the volume is taken on the front side, and the back style adopts the conventional pattern. This pant uses Dickies' fabric, a fabric that has the thickness and strong firmness that was used in the classic Dickies work pants that we are familiar with today. 

Product info 
1: Waist 74cm/Hem 28cm
2: Waist 78cm/Hem 29cm

3: Waist 82cm/Hem 30cm


65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Care Tips

Gentle cold machine wash. Dry inside out.