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FDMTL specialise in the used remaking process. With the generous amount of denim, the designer patch the pieces with unique details such as hidden rivets and button flies. A removable charm bell is attached under the key chain loop of the pants, which is a feature is FDMTL denim. Since this product uses a fabric woven by an old power loom, in rare cases, striped lines called "weaving steps" may appear on the surface of the fabric.

Product info 
3: Waist 32cm/ Length 32cm/ Inseam 82cm/ Hem width 21.5cm
4: Waist 34cm/ Length 32cm/ Inseam 82cm/ Hem width 23cm

5: Waist 36cm/ Length 32cm/ Inseam 82cm/ Hem width 25cm


100% Cotton

Care Tips

Do not need to wash frequently. Dry inside out. Do not use the dryer.